Holistic Life Coaching

Sometimes it's for clarity, sometimes it's for accountability. Often it is for both.


First, learn to be at home inside your own skin, independent of any condition you find yourself in. If you want more than just inner peace and security, learn tools and methods that allow you to engage the world in a passionate and effective manner. Cultivate your unique gifts and talents by connecting to your own divine source of creativity and then be able to create meaning for yourself. Start to see your actions impact your life and the world in a powerful way.


This is a body based philosophy. While mind is very important, we do not just exist in our brains. We have to understand that the obstacles, getting in the way of our personal evolution and development, have been programmed into our central nervous system. That resides in our physical bodies including, but not limited to, our brains. This work is about making unconscious drives and impulses conscious. Then developing a practice that helps to contain and redirect those impulses, creating productive actions and responses rather than automatic reactions.

This coaching is unique from other methodologies. It recognizes that these drives and impulses are patterns stored in the body and that 'bad behavior' in not solely a product of incorrect thinking. The inability to change habits we cognitively understand as harmful or merely non productive, is something that we all struggle with. Physical postures coupled with breath awareness unlock the code of our programmed operating system. Start to understand the difference between actual feelings (sensations that arise in the body) and thinking (beliefs about what those sensations mean). Break through all those glass ceilings that have been holding you back. 

Private sessions are by appointment.

You can always contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any questions.



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Cathy Iacobazzi

Co-Director, Creative Development, Head Yogini, Web Mistress, Master Basket Craftsman, Holistic Life Coach, Energy Worker

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