Cathy Iacobazzi

Cathy Iacobazzi

Co-Director, Creative Development, Head Yogini, Web Mistress, Master Basket Craftsman, Holistic Life Coach, Energy Worker

It is time for our 4th Annual Art for the Dark Celebration!

Sometimes it's for clarity, sometimes it's for accountability. Often it is for both.

Have you ever wanted to make soap from scratch?

A heart centered method that brings you home to the Magic you already possess.

At the risk of skewering someone's sacred cow, I have to ask the question, "What's the deal with hot yoga in Seattle?"

Hi, I'm Beth Burris, teacher of yoga and meditation, mother, artist, poet, and explorer of healing through consciousness.

My passion for Yoga began with the birth of my children.  I discovered how wonderful it felt to have the space to move, breath, and reflect during the challenging times of pregnancy, post-partum, and early parenthood.Since that time I have slowly evolved my love of Yoga into a spiritual and devotional practice that connects me with deeper aspects of myself and the mystery of “all there is”.  Yoga continues to be a way for me to reconnect with my mental, physical, and emotional self, and find a quiet respite in a busy world. As an instructor I find enjoyment in encouraging students of all levels to move forward and deepen their practice.  I feel that each class provides an opportunity to become more connected with our own strength, our emotional selves, our breath, and a joyous expression of who we truly are.

What I am most interested in experiencing and sharing with others is authenticity connection and embodiment through our practices.  The raw, naked truth of who we are, the deepest longings of our hearts, the pure essential beauty that we each contain, offered up to the world and each other.

My ongoing journey of self-discovery through my own yoga and meditation practice, spiritual studies, and the stripping away of old beliefs and patterns is slowly revealing my authentic self. That journey and that authenticity is what is truly informing my offerings as a teacher and what I hope to inspire others to seek in themselves. By connecting with my own soul and my deep longing for fulfillment, I find I am fine tuning my own inner awareness and using that inner barometer to guide me in my life and  practices as well as guiding my students toward doing this for themselves.


The new series of classes begins on Monday, January 23 and runs through July 20

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